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Bridge Engineering

Bridge engineering is our traditional brand specialty. The bridge engineering completed by SMEDI widely spread in China, and involves a variety of construction conditions including strong wind and earthquake as well as complex geology. SMEDI has completed the design of amounts of super-large cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, arches and cross-sea bridges, repeatedly ranking top in the world. With a large number of advanced and leading international scientific achievements, SMEDI was repeatedly awarded the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and Excellent Design Award. Over the years, SMEDI has developed a professional team with reasonable structure, technical skills and complete supporting facilities, and with Lin Yuanpei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Design Master as the core. SMEDI possesses the outstanding innovation ability and completes excellent research, consulting and design tasks of various kinds of bridge.

Relevant Cases  

Hangzhou Jiubao Bridge EngineeringProject
Ningbo Bund Bridge EngineeringProject
Shanghai Yaolong Road and Bridge Engineering Project
Dangerous Bridge Renovation EngineeringProject of Shanghai Jiangning Road Bridge
Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge EngineeringProject
Shanghai Minpu Bridge EngineeringProject
Shanghai Yangpu Bridge EngineeringProject
Chongqing Lijiatuo Yangtze River Bridge EngineeringProject
Donghai Bridge EngineeringProject
Shanghai Xupu Bridge EngineeringProject
Ningbo Chengzhuang Road Yao River Bridge EngineeringProject
Chongqing Jialing River Shimen Bridge EngineeringProject
Shanghai Lupu Bridge EngineeringProject
Chongqing Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge EngineeringProject
Shanghai Nanpu Bridge EngineeringProject
Chongqing Egongyan Yangtze River Bridge EngineeringProject