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SMEDI adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Scientific Innovation, Earnest Dedication", makes its contribution to the society and benefits the populace.

Founded in 1954, the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. (for short: SMEDI - Shanghai Municipal Engineering Group) is engaged in planning, engineering design and consultation, EPC, and the whole process service of project management. The business scope of SMEDI covers various fields of the infrastructure construction industry, including the specialties of water supply, wastewater treatment, road, bridge, hydraulic engineering, rail traffic, maglev, underground space development, planning, architecture, environmental engineering, urban landscape, heat engineering, fuel gas, geotechnical engineering, surveying, inspection testing, construction management, EPC, and etc.. The comprehensive strength of the SMEDI has been among the top municipal engineering companies in China. In 2008, the SMEDI was entitled the state engineering design comprehensive qualification certificate Class A, and in 2010, has completed the reformation of corporation system and collectivization. In July 2012, SMEDI assets were injected into Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) and listed together.

There are approximately 5,200 staffs employed by the SMEDI, notably including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 7 state-level design masters, 10 leading talents in Shanghai , 11 outstanding technical leaders in Shanghai ,40 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council of China, 21 stars in Shanghai ,150 professor-level senior engineers and large numbers of the gifted tiptop personnel of the professional leading persons and the subject initiators. There are 9 management departments, 19 design (Research) institutes and 21 subsidiaries. An academician working room, several master working rooms and postdoctoral working stations have all been well set-up at the SMEDI.  Postdoctoral workstation has independent postdoctoral qualification.

Taking the enterprise spirit of Scientific Innovation, Earnest Dedication”, the SMEDI has made great contributions to the society and brought extensive benefits to the populace. SMEDI has completed more than 17,000 projects of engineering design, consultation and EPC. These projects spread around the whole country of 31 provinces, municipality and autonomous regions. The completed representative projects inculding: Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge, Lupu Bridge, Donghai Bridge, Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge, Minpu Bridge, Chongqing Jialing River Shimen Bridge, Hangzhou Jiangdong Bridge, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, S4 Expressway, South-North Elevated Road, Chongming-Qidong Corridor, Pudong Century Avenue, Pudong Maglev Express Train, Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub Project, Comprehensive Transportation Reconstruction Project of the Bund, Wuhan Shuiguo Lake Tunnel, Shanghai Xinjian Road Tunnel, Yingbin San Road Subway, Qingcaosha Drinking Water Source Project, Changqiao Waterworks, Dujiangyan West District Waterworks, Shanghai Combined Sewage Treatment Project, Bailonggang Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant, Chongqing Jiguanshi Wastewater Treatment Plant, Shanghai World Expo Park Municipal Infrastructure Project, World Expo Boulevard, Underground Space Synthesis Project, and etc.. The high-end design and consultation brand of "SMEDI" is successfully built up at home and abroad.

SMEDI adhere to the strategy of "nationalization and the whole process", focus on the key points, optimize the market layout of "1 + 4 + 10", set up 26 national branches successively, realize the full coverage of substantive branches in key  cities, and the business income of the market outside Shanghaiaccounts for more than 70%. Vigorously develop EPC business, integrate core technology into the whole process of project construction, and use more scientific and efficient management means to create EPC brand that reflects the municipal leadership. EPC general contracting of the General Institute has won 1 Zhan Tianyou Award for civil engineering in China, 2 national high-quality engineering awards, 6 national municipal gold cup demonstration projects, 1 "copper key" award for general contracting, 5 "Magnolia Award" in Shanghai, 20 "gold awards" in Shanghai Municipal Engineering, 2 "Yangtze Cup" high-quality engineering awards in Jiangsu Province and 1 "Tianfu Cup" Gold Award in Sichuan Province. Actively go abroad, set up East Africa branch in Kenya, successively undertake projects in Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Panama and other countries.

With years of persisting in the innovation of science and technology, the SMEDI has been awarded 13 national prizes for  science and technology advancement, 185 provincial or ministerial prizes, 19 Zhantianyou Civil Engineering Award and about 1000 of various prizes in the area of surveying, design, consultation and planning. The SMEDI has possessed more than 1300 engineering patents, and is named as the National Advanced Collectivity for Science and Technology Advancement, the National Typical Enterprise for Engineering Design Innovation, the Shanghai Excellent New High-tech Enterprise, the Shanghai Patent Demonstration Enterprise, and the Shanghai Advanced Enterprise on Intellectual Property . In recent years, the SMEDI has developed more than twenty of core technologies on the area of large modern bridge design, comprehensive transportation hub and ecological road, water and wastewater treatment technology integration, water resource utilization, comprehensive development of large underground space, express maglev operation project, and etc.. All of these core technologies have been implemented in the engineering practices. SMEDI has 4 National Science and technology innovation platforms, 5 municipal technology research centers and 12 technology research centers of the General Institute. SMEDI has formulated more than 80 national, industrial, group and local standards, providing strong technical support for national policies.

SMEDI adhere to the culture shaping Institute, practice the socialist core values, establish the core concept of "creating the future of the city, pursuing harmony and excellence", actively promote the construction of excellent culture, innovative culture, service culture and harmonious culture, strengthen the party building at the grassroots level, and implement the co construction and sharing. SMEDI has gained fruitful achievements on the construction of spiritual civilization and enterprise culture that the SMEDI has been awarded many honorary titles, including National Civilization Unit, the National May 1st’ Labor Prize, the Demonstration Unit on Enterprise Culture Construction in the National Construction System, "Shanghai brand" service certification ,Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Gold Award ,Shanghai Model Unit, Shanghai Golden Cup Company, Shanghai "outstanding contribution" Golden Cup company ,"Top ten" brands of innovative culture in Shanghai enterprises,Staff Most Satisfied Enterprise of Shanghai, Enterprise Integrity Construction Prize, and etc..

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