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SMEDI adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Scientific Innovation, Earnest Dedication", makes its contribution to the society and benefits the populace.
docimages_0 Meaning of LOGO: Taking "road", "bridge" and "water" as the main design elements to make intersection, the vivid circular shape with water drop implies main design fields of SMEDI, including bridge, road, water and wastewater engineering. The background pattern is set off by the dark blue stripes and gradient lines with not only connotation of scientific and rigorous nature of design institute, but also the symbol of increasingly expanding and extending business areas and developmental space of SMEDI.


The five capital letters of SMEDI represent the five core values of the enterprise, namely: "Satisfaction from customer, Management of scientific method, Efficiency as the priority, Development through innovation and International standards."

S-Satisfaction from customer
Refer to the best design quality, service quality and working quality to meet customers’ demands. And the customers include proprietors, society, government and others.

M-Management of scientific method.
Refer to the emphasis and implementation of scientific, advanced and humane management method.

E-Efficiency as the priority
Refer to focusing on the enhancement of work, time and economy efficiency to promote the enterprise, society and whole efficacy.

D-Development through innovation
Refer to focusing on development through innovation, and innovation during development, and win from difference-oriented competition.

I-International standards
Refer to the pursuit and surpassment of world industrial standard.

The core value of “SMEDI” is also the acronym and registered trademark of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.

In recent years, SMEDI is committed to build characteristic enterprise culture in accordance with its own characteristics and strategic requirements: 

▪ Excellence culture: adhere to the pursuit of excellence, leading the industry. 

Innovation culture:persist in the famous statement of "science and technology are primary productivity", increase research investment, build R&D platform and improve the incentive mechanism. 

▪ Service culture:Advocate professionalism, dedication, integrity, and practice the commitment of "serving the engineering with heart and soul".

SMEDI demonstrate the enterprise social image during the mission performance:

 Energy saving and environmental friendly green image:SMEDI apply advanced technologies such as circular economy and energy conservation in engineering design, and interpret the architectural philosophy and humanities charm through innovation practice.

Energy saving green image:applying such advanced technologies as circular economy and energy conservation in engineering design, and interpretingthe architectural philosophy and humanitiescharm through innovation practice.

▪Responsibility image of social dedication:actively perform the responsibility of "corporate citizen" with love and dedication.